Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chocolate Babka

Why didn't I make this before? What was I waiting for?? Fullfiling, dark-chocolaty, just happiness!!! Perfect for breakfast, perfect match with coffee..

It all started with my visit to closest Panera Bread and I saw their advertisement for their newest product: Chocolate Babka ! Although I don't like all of their baked goods, it looked good and wanted to give it a try.

Got my coffee and a slice.. From my first bite, it was a match made in heaven and it became my ultimate goal; to bake it at home..

So I went straight to my ultimate baking book;Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. I saw the recipe many times in the book but somehow I always passed it ..Tsk, Tsk!!

After the dough rising, rolling and twisting it with LOTS OF CHOCOLATE,  it was worth all the hard work.. You will have two good sized Babkas with this recipe. So, I kept one for home, sent the other one away.. The one at home was finished in a week!!

Just one very important tip: don't be a penny pincher on chocolate and use a very good quality one.. I used Trader Joe's %72 Dark Chocolate and I strongly suggest it..

Come on, try it..I know you want it.. Here's the recipe: Chocoloate Babka Recipe

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